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4 Furniture Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by on Apr 7, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 4 Furniture Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

There are plenty of online guides that tell you what you should do when you’re buying furniture. Which is great. But they usually forget to tell you what you should not do. Armed to the teeth with the best furniture buying guides, most buyers tend to get too confident and end up paying for it without even knowing it. Just as important as it is for you to make sure you do everything right, it is just as important for you to make sure that you do not some other things. Here are four things that you should not do if you’re going to win the furniture buying battle.

Buying the price tag

How many times have you told a friend that you got your couch at 50% off, they let out a giggle and told you they did not get it at any discount but they sure as hell got it a better price than yours. The biggest mistake that buyers make is to buy the price tag. Discounts and sales can be misleading. They can cause you to make sudden and unplanned purchases that are not really in your best interest. You should at least expect to haggle a bit over the price. If not, walk around and get different prices for the furniture you’re looking to get. Just because a shop is reputable does not mean that they have the best prices. Always try to get a better price. After all you’re not buying the price but the furniture so you can look around.

And whatever you do, do not get sold on the discount tag. If a stories willing to sell you a couch at 50% off, that means its price was much higher than that. After all, you do not expect them to make losses in their sales.


Costs and liability

While you might get a great deal at the store, the delivery is where it usually turns sour. Just as is the case with cars and financing. Once you have confirmed and are sure that you will be getting the furniture from particular store, your next step should be to negotiate the delivery. This should be a priority not an afterthought.

Also try to reduce liability by making sure that the furniture you buy will fit up the stairs with ample space all around and most importantly where you would like to place it. If not, and the furniture gets damaged in the process, you will have quite the problem in your hands. Make sure you know who pays for what. Also remember that you have to tip the guys that will be doing the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ossi Lehtonen/REX (3466457b) Piggy bank on calculator Money and finance - 20 Sep 2013

Getting the furniture home

Delivery trucks only rival the cable guys when it comes to late deliveries or no-shows. You should expect to lose at least a day of work waiting around for the furniture. And if they cancel make it two. The biggest mistake you can make on the delivery is not holding the store accountable for late or cancelled deliveries. Before you make the purchase, make sure that you can get 100% money back if the store does not hold its end of the bargain before you pay and check out.



You must have heard of interest free financing. It seems like a charm but as you should know, the fine print is what holds all the gut and grit. Most furniture financing deal that fall under this category feature. But in the fine print, it always indicates that this is a deferred interest class loan. You have to make sure that you pay it within the stipulated times or risk paying the interests that would have been accrued overtime.


Even without a buying guide, you should endeavor to avoid these four mistakes like a plague when you’re out buying furniture. Do not be trapped by the headlines. Always get to the fine print before signing any documents. You don’t want to be caught with your pants down.

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Here’s Why Measurements Are Important!

Posted by on Dec 31, 2015 in Ideas and Advice | Comments Off on Here’s Why Measurements Are Important!

interior-design-measurementsWhen it comes to furniture it is important that you know your measurements. Knowing the measurements of your home, as well as the measurements of your furniture, as well as some standards when it comes to creating isles in your home, are very much essential if you want to excel at furniture arrangement. Make sure that you learn a thing or two about it, and arranging furniture will be easier than ever. Here are just some of the things that you should know.

Your Home Measurements

For starters, one thing that you should definitely know are at the measurements around your home. Not only that this will help you to invasion how the furniture will look like around the house, but also you will be able to plan where are the furniture goes. Also, you will have to take measurements of the doorway, so that you can plan how to put furniture inside the room. Often when you buy furniture, it’s assembled in your room. However, if you have your own furniture make sure that you will be able to transport it and put it inside the room that you have envisioned it in.


Measurements Of Your Furniture

Also, you should have in mind the measurements of the furniture that you are going to use in your home. Think about the furniture which can be unfolded, such as sofas, but also I would advise you to think about cupboards and cabinets and see whether they have enough room for you to be able to open them and use them. Instead of buying sofa that can’t fit in your living room, by taking measurements you will realize that the barcelona chair replica is actually the right choice for your nook. So, if you don’t know that measurements of the furniture that you will use, or neglect the measurements, you will definitely make a mistake when arranging furniture and you will end up frustrated and unsatisfied with your furniture arrangement.  In order to avoid such problems, it’s for the best that you think about these things in advance.



Perhaps you are unaware of this, but there are certain standards when it comes to measurements around the house. If you don’t know how much space you will need, or you are uncertain about furniture arrangement, make sure that you read and learn more about the standards as they will most certainly help you to create the best furniture arrangement in your home.

For example, you should be able to approach your bed in bedroom, and that is why it is important that you will leave at least 2 feet of space around the bed, otherwise you will make your bed a sort of a roadblock in your room, and you don’t need hurdles in your own home. Also, if you have to determine how many chairs you can fit around your dining table, remember that you will need 20 to 24 inches of width and 15 inches of depth, per place; as well as to leave at least 6 inches between chairs. This will give you a better sense of how many chairs you can squeeze in at your dining table.

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